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Position Title: Quality Managment Review Specialist
Location: Hudson Valley
Contact Email: [email protected]



The Quality Management Review Specialist is responsible for completing internal quality reviews within Residential and Day Program settings.  The Review Specialist will analyze data obtained through reviews and develop reports that summarize findings and make recommendations, as appropriate. The Review Specialist will provide technical assistance and support to program staff in developing improvement plans to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations.


Education Requirements

  1. BA/BS in related human services field.


Job Requirements

  1. Minimum 3 years’ experience in developmental disabilities and /or regulatory compliance.


  1. Thorough knowledge of City, State and Federal regulations governing the operation of intermediate care facilities, individual residential alternatives, day habilitation programs, supported employment.


  1. Performs all job responsibilities in full compliance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures.  Adheres to the agency’s corporate compliance program, including the code of business conduct, the NYS and federal false claims acts, whistleblower protections and mandatory reporting.  Completes corporate compliance training at least annually.  Fully cooperates in all corporate compliance investigations and reviews.


  1. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.


  1. Ability to work in multiple locations throughout the metropolitan area.


  1. Able to work flexible hours and/or days as necessary.


Full time with comprehensive benefits.

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