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Vocational Services – Job Placement, Vocational Assessments and Supported Employment Services

The Cerebral Palsy Associations of New York State Supported Employment Program is a vocational program providing opportunities for people with a variety of disabilities which include but not limited to Developmental Disabilities and Visual Impairments; to receive Job Placement Training, Vocational Assessments, Advocacy, and Ongoing Job Site Support Services.  This program is also located at:

921 East New York Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11203
Contact: Al Arrieta

[email protected]
(718) 735-8601


The Cerebral Palsy Associations of New York State Management Information Services provide services in supporting employment opportunities in the community. The aim of this program is to increase the number of individuals with developmental disabilities who are working in their local communities and to provide quality services so individuals can achieve the personal and social benefits of employment in an integrated work environment.

SecureE-doc Services

Who We Are

 SecureE-doc is a non-profit document imaging and scanning company that is affiliated with Cerebral Palsy Associations of New York State, an organization committed to empowering people with disabilities through exceptional opportunities that help them lead independent and fulfilling lives.

The SecureE-doc's workforce is comprised of individuals with developmental disabilities, as well as experienced project managers who are committed to efficiency, proper procedures and quality control with an end goal of meeting client satisfaction.

A fee for service enterprise designed to provide services such as:

  • Document Scanning - State-of-the-art high speed scanners with quality control specialists overseeing the work throughout the process.

  • File Classification & Indexing - Accurate indexing allows you to quickly and reliably retrieve your data and images based on a unique document identifier such as an invoice number, customer name, date field or document type.

  • On-Site or Off-site Scanning - We can scan your documents on-site so that sensitive information does not have to leave your workplace... or we can pick up your documents to be scanned at our secure location.

  • Multiple Delivery Options - Flash drive, CD-ROM or web-hosted access
  • Document Shredding - On-Site collection bins, scheduled pick-up service and certificate of destruction provided to local businesses with high volume record retention needs.

Benefits to your bottom line:

  • Focus Personnel on their Primary Job Functions
  • Increased Efficiency - Save time and money by easily searching and assessing your documents in seconds.
  • Enhance Customer Service
  • Improve Collections and Cash Flow - Streamline invoice process from purchase to pay.  Avoid late and duplicate payments.
  • Operate More Competitively
  • Cuts Costs and Reclaim Office Space - Reclaim up to 99% of office space used by filing cabinets and boxes, and reduce documents warehousing and storage costs.
  • Eliminate proper-related costs such as consumables, shipping and faxing
  • Comply with Regulatory Requirements (HIPPA, FACTA, SOX)
  • Ensure Document Security and Reliability - Multi-tiered security levels, access level privileges and functionality controls ensure document security.


    • With the use of high speed bulk scanners, desktop computers, laptops, and digital storage equipment, convert paper documentation into digital media formats (.pdf .jpeg, .tiff).
    • Provide preparatory services to separate and collate materials prior to and after scanning.
    • Associate digital media with a program or user created database, allowing for a user-friendly system for efficiently cataloging and retrieving information.
    • Upon request, for a negotiated fee, create a specifically formatted document image database tailored to the needs of the customer.
    • Upon request, for an additional fee, maintain in-house storage of digitally converted documents for the purpose of remote retrieval by customer and user.
    • Provide secure document destruction with ancillary documentation tracking as per individual needs.
    • Pricing will be competitive according to market standards and contingent on the scope of the project.


    Natalie Barback 
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    Kevin Kenney

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