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9/29/2009 12:00:00 AM

Statewide Advocacy - October Statewide Trend Blitz to Governor - SAMPLE PHONE SCRIPT

Call the Governor at:  518-474-8390 (you may be asked to leave a message, the simpler and shorter the better.)

Sample Script to Use When Calling Governor Paterson Urging the Inclusion of a Trend Factor and Development in his Executive Budget for 2010-11

Due to the large volume of calls to the Governor callers do not always reach a “live” operator in which case the caller will be instructed to either “hold on for the next available representative” or leave a message.  Family members and staff can call back later, hold on or leave a message.

It is critical that the message is brief and clear, so that the “Citizens Services” representative can record the message accurately.  Volume not verbosity is important!

Use or modify the script below.

Family Sample Script

My name is__________ and I live at________________.  I am the parent (family member) of a person with a developmental disability who receives services funded by OMRDD.  It is crucial that Governor Paterson include funding for a trend factor in his 2010-11 Executive Budget so that the dedicated, but low paid workers, can get a long overdo pay increase.  Governor Patterson must also include additional funding for the development of services, especially out-of-home residential services to meet growing demand.

Staff Sample Script:

My name is__________ and I live at________________.  I work with people with developmental disabilities.  I would like to ask the Governor to include a trend factor in his budget request for voluntary agencies funded by the Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities.  I provide hands on care.  My job is extremely demanding.  A trend factor will give my employer the ability to provide me with a modest cost of living increase.

* If your agency is unable to meet its 10% target during the first two weeks of October, please continue with the advocacy effort until the target is met.

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