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6-26-13 CP NEWS

6/26/2013 11:25:07 AM

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6/25/13 Affiliate Update
(Volume #19 – Issue #10)


The 2012-13 legislative session and budget was extremely challenging but also extremely rewarding.  Although we didn’t get everything that we wanted or exactly what we wanted, we achieved what was unthinkable even a year ago.  

From the day Governor Cuomo announced the 6% funding cut to the present, advocates, families, staff, volunteers and individuals with developmental disabilities became forceful advocates for change. The political significance of this past legislative session cannot be overstated. Never before had every sitting member of the Assembly, Republican or Democrat, including the Speaker, signed on to a single bill. But thanks to Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg, they all signed on to the bill that made it clear that there could be no more cuts to people with developmental disabilities. CP of NYS thanks its coalition partners – NYSARC, IAC, ALIA and DDAWNY – for this amazing effort and for our continued collaboration and advocacy.

It is important that after the past few months of asking for support that you thank your local legislators for their support!

We are hopeful that this and our continued advocacy will translate into a FY 2014-15 New York State Budget that will not include cuts to the Developmental Disabilities field and will actually invest in supports and services. This will be a credit to all of you, staff, families, individuals with developmental disabilities and volunteers.  The 2013 legislative session is over but our work has just begun.

Following is a description of two critical end of session bills that passed both Houses and are awaiting action by the Governor. There is also a link at the end of this article to more bills of interest to CP of NYS Affiliates and the CP of NYS 2013 End of Session Report.

A.6692-C (Weisenberg)/S.4777-C (Golden)
Passed both Houses / Waiting to be delivered to the Governor

The bill, as crafted personally by  Governor Cuomo, Robert Megna, the Director of the Division of the Budget, Larry Schwartz, Executive branch senior staff and Assemblymember Weisenberg provides a safety net in the event the current savings plan to reduce OPWDD spending by $90 million through recoveries, administrative efficiencies and savings expected to be generated from moving consumers from higher cost segregated settings to lower cost integrated settings in the community does not produce the required savings.

The bill ensures that instead of the potential of more cuts to the not-for-profit community in order to close the gap between the $90 million which OPWDD must reduce in spending to make up for the shortfall in the savings plan, the bill is a commitment by the state to protect the agencies from further cuts in this fiscal year.  It commits the state to funding the shortfall out of other revenues and not cutting agencies further.  It does not provide new funding or increases for programs and services but will hopefully be put towards a reinvestment of the funding for supports and services in the 2014-2015 state budget.

There is language in the bill which requires the workgroup to evaluate the extent to which the savings plan maintains rates of payment at levels no less than those in effect on March 31, 2013. It is unclear what actions, if any, the state will/must take should the evaluation reveal a reduction of rates below the March 31, 2013 levels.

Due to Assemblymember Weisenberg's efforts, the bill has an unprecedented number of co-sponsors – every member of the Assembly, including the Speaker. In the Senate many members also co-sponsored the bill. The bill clearly has a very strong political component making it difficult to say with certainty if any additional funding for services and programs will be provided by the administration.

CP of NYS strongly supported this legislation.  cP of NYS, ALIA, DDAWNY, IAC, NYSARC and UJA worked closely with Assemblymember Weisenberg, who took the lead and Senator Golden on this legislation.

A.7665-C (Gottfried)/S.5483-A (Hannon)
Passed both Houses / Waiting to be delivered to the Governor

The reimbursement for Article 28 Diagnostic and Treatment Centers (DTCs) was cost based until the rates were frozen from 1994 until September 2009.  In September 2009 New York State began implementation of the APG reimbursement system which was fully phased in on January 1, 2012.  Overall, these DTC reimbursement rates were inadequate to cover costs and led to deficits which average 20% of operating costs. In February 2013, the Department of Health (DOH) began to recoup 15% of DTC Medicaid payments, based on retroactive recalculation of capital payments back to the September 1, 2009 implementation of APGs.

In order to maintain fiscal viability of these clinics, which are integral to a robust health care delivery system, this bill authorizes the DOH Commissioner to fully or partially waive or modify the retroactive recoupment of Medicaid capital payments for Article 28 Clinics with the primary mission to serve individuals with developmental disabilities.  Although this was not the bill that CP of NYS originally wrote or was introduced, it was a bill that was not rejected by the Executive and addresses the Executive’s concerns. Therefore, we are optimistic that the Governor will sign it.

CP of NYS wrote this legislation, had it introduced by the Health Committee Chairs in each House and negotiated the language with DOH, DOB and the sponsors.  CP of NYS strongly supported this legislation and will work with the Administration to enact the bill into law.

The full 2013 Legislative Session Report can be found here.

Barbara Crosier


The use and development of standards that DISCO’s or other managed care entities will use in the not too distant future will incorporate personal outcome measures. Since New York State has identified The Council on Quality and Leadership’s (CQL’s) model as one that will meet their expectations, CP of NYS has arranged for Beth Mathis, Associate Vice President for Network Development at CQL, to present a menu of options for Affiliates to consider as they explore how best to position their organization for the future in this area. This session will be geared to all Affiliates so that we learn about CQL and also begin thinking about how we might work together in this area.

The meeting will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Friday, July 12 at the Affiliate Services Office in Albany. Please follow the link below to register for this session.

Here is a link that will take you to a page that summarizes 20 years of CQL’s Personal Outcome Measures® data –

Al Shibley


On June 12, CP of NYS was pleased to have Jeff Wise, Acting Executive Director of the NYS Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs, speak to a meeting of the Affiliates.  Approximately 65 staff from across the state gathered to hear Mr. Wise present the mission, goals and plans for the new Justice Center. The meeting was hosted by CP of NYS at the Center for Disability Services in Albany. The Justice Center will be operating as of June 30, 2013.

In addition to his presentation, Mr. Wise fielded a large number of questions from the Affiliates about the new Code of Conduct, Mandated Reporters, custodian responsibilities and how incidents will be managed by the Justice Center. As not all questions were answered we are following up with Mr. Wise in addressing unanswered questions.

Susan Hornbeck


Jeff Wise & Mike Alvaro
CP of NYS Executive Vice President Mike Alvaro (left), talks with Jeff Wise at June 12th meeting.


The deadline for submitting nominations for the CP of NYS Annual Awards is Friday, June 28. The awards will be presented at the CP of NYS Annual Conference at the Saratoga City Center in October. Please be sure that you review the descriptions and criteria for each award as some have been revised. We will be presenting awards at both the opening lunch on Monday and the dinner that evening. We are asking that each Affiliate produce a 60 to 90 second video or PowerPoint presentation highlighting the accomplishments of the award winners from their agencies to be shown at the Annual Awards Dinner

We will recognize Affiliate employees at Tuesday’s “President’s Dinner.” We have increased the number of awardees to a maximum of four (4) per Affiliate. We ask that each Affiliate prepare a video or photo presentation, no longer than 90 seconds, that fits with this year’s Conference theme – “We HAVE, We CAN & We WILL.”

We will highlight each Affiliate during the evening and ask that you also send us your official logo and three or four candid photos of your staff that we could display on screen the evening of the ceremony. The photos can be of any staff and do not necessarily need to be the employees being recognized that evening.  

Please send your logo and photographs by e-mail to [email protected] no later than September 6.

Al Shibley


Jill Warner, Executive Director/CEO of CP of NYS Affiliate Jawonio was on the floor of the NYS Senate on June 18 to receive the Thomas P. Morahan Leadership Award in Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities from Senator David Carlucci. “I accepted this award on behalf of the Jawonio family, our staff, Board of Directors, and a generous community that supports us and the people we serve. These are the real champions,” said Ms. Warner. “I thank the Senate for pausing in their deliberations to acknowledge Tom and myself today. It is especially fitting to receive this award in his honor on the day the Legislature voted to restore the $90 million dollars to OPWDD services and I will always remember that he was with us on this day,” she concluded.

The Award is presented in honor of the late Senator Thomas P. Morahan for his commitment to serving people with developmental disabilities.

Al Shibley

Jill Warner & Senator David Carlucci


The Boards of Directors for CP of NYS Affiliate Enable and Transitional Living Services (TLS) have agreed that it is in the best interests of both agencies to merge.  The two agencies will form one not-for-profit corporation and eventually adopt a new name.  The new agency will continue the decades long standard of excellence in service to people with varying abilities in Central New York.  Both organizations recognized the need to be even more efficient and effective in the use of public and private support to enhance individualized, person-centered services.

The two agencies will enter into a temporary parent-subsidiary relationship.  Enable will serve as the “corporate parent” of TLS.  Effective July 1, 2013, Prudence York, the Executive Director of Enable, will assume executive responsibility for both agencies.  The Board members of each agency will become one Board, led by Co-Presidents Brian Hoke and Ricky Ryder.

The Board and staff of the new agency will continue to focus on providing high quality services to those already receiving services and to those who will need support in the future.

Al Shibley


Niagara Cerebral Palsy (NCP) is going to create and produce a monthly cable TV show about people and events at NCP. “We are envisioning a monthly, half-hour show, which Lockport Cable TV (LCTV) will broadcast several times a week on Time Warner Channel 20 throughout our service area,” said John Reardon, NCP Executive Director/CEO.

Staff and volunteers from NCP will do all of the work to produce the show. The LCTV staff provides technical assistance and training to teach interested individuals the necessary skills. NCP has invited all staff and volunteers to be part of the project. LCTV will be providing training in the coming weeks in Portable Field Production, Editing, Graphics, Camera Operation, Directing and Audio.

The show is expected to begin airing this summer.

Al Shibley


Each year the American Councils for International Education invites high school students, including students with disabilities, from all over the world to attend programs in the U.S.  Anyone with a desire to host and the ability to provide a safe, supportive, English-speaking environment is welcome to contact the American Councils for International Education for more information. The commitment to host can range from two months to a full academic year. They are currently seeking host families for about 100 students, including two students with cerebral palsy. You can access their profiles by clicking on their names below.

For more information, please visit the organization’s website at or call toll-free 1-866-790-2086 and ask to speak to Grace Winkler. Here is a profile for Senka and one for Aleksandra. They are among students from over 40 different countries in need of a host family.

Al Shibley


Save the Date - 2013 Annual Conference

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